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joy prom 2011:

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Gotta say… I kinda wish Joy Prom was every weekend. SO. Much. Fun. Grace Fellowship Church hosted an incredible night full of food, dancing and fun for individuals with special needs and their families. Lori Hensley and I got all dressed up in our heels, set up a couple photobooths and snapped some fun pictures. Love love loved it. Kelly Holland (one of my super cool friends from college) organized this event and did an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL job with all the details.  Joy Prom was a HUUUUGE success and I am so beyond grateful to have been asked to be a part of it. What a great night!!!

nashville_wedding_photography (41)nashville_wedding_photography (40)nashville_wedding_photography (39)nashville_wedding_photography (38)nashville_wedding_photography (37)nashville_wedding_photography (36)nashville_wedding_photography (35)nashville_wedding_photography (34)nashville_wedding_photography (33)nashville_wedding_photography (32)nashville_wedding_photography (31)nashville_wedding_photography (30)nashville_wedding_photography (29)nashville_wedding_photography (28)nashville_wedding_photography (27)nashville_wedding_photography (26)nashville_wedding_photography (25)nashville_wedding_photography (24)nashville_wedding_photography (23)nashville_wedding_photography (22)nashville_wedding_photography (21)nashville_wedding_photography (20)nashville_wedding_photography (19)nashville_wedding_photography (18)nashville_wedding_photography (17)nashville_wedding_photography (15)nashville_wedding_photography (14)nashville_wedding_photography (16)nashville_wedding_photography (13)nashville_wedding_photography (12)nashville_wedding_photography (11)nashville_wedding_photography (10)nashville_wedding_photography (9)nashville_wedding_photography (8)nashville_wedding_photography (7)nashville_wedding_photography (6)nashville_wedding_photography (5)nashville_wedding_photography (4)nashville_wedding_photography (3)nashville_wedding_photography (2)nashville_wedding_photography (1)

This was seriously a perfect Spring day (except there was TONS of wind… but that’s still Spring-like, I think)!! Monica & Eric had their closest friends and family help celebrate their wedding on Easter weekend at her grandfather’s cabin in Winchester, Tennessee. I must brag on Monica for a moment… you see, she has an incredible gift of making people feel welcomed and a part of the family. For real. I felt right at home the entire weekend and it meant sooo much to me. I pretty much adore her. And those pictures of the girls roasting marshmallows… yup, adore those, too.

I’m beyond grateful to have been a part of your day, Mr. & Mrs. Jeffers! I wish you both all the happiness in the world! xo!

Annnnnd since I’m always ready to go on a little adventure, I toured the Jack Daniels distillery in Lynchburg, Tn on my way home since it was just a few miles up the road. Besides, I totally think learning how different things are made is ridiculously interesting. Here’s some iPhone shots from the weekend…


caitlin + will:

roanoke-engagement-photographer (16)roanoke-engagement-photographer (15)roanoke-engagement-photographer (14)roanoke-engagement-photographer (12)roanoke-engagement-photographer (11)roanoke-engagement-photographer (10)roanoke-engagement-photographer (8)roanoke-engagement-photographer (7)roanoke-engagement-photographer (6)roanoke-engagement-photographer (5)roanoke-engagement-photographer (4)roanoke-engagement-photographer (1)roanoke-engagement-photographer (2)roanoke-engagement-photographer (3)roanoke-engagement-photographer (18)

That last one’s pretty freaking adorable, right?!!! Loooooove it! It’s a little shaky because I think I was laughing and talking (no surprise there). These two precious people are seriously as cute as it gets. Can’t wait for their wedding in just a couple short weeks!!! Yay!

little-black-dress-bridal-shower (1)little-black-dress-bridal-shower (2)little-black-dress-bridal-shower (3)

Laura’s Little Black Dress themed Bridal Shower!! Let’s be honest. Cake, LBDs and fabulous friends… how could an afternoon be better?

ethan – senior 2011:

eagle-scout-ceremony (4)eagle-scout-ceremony (2)eagle-scout-ceremony (5)eagle-scout-ceremony (3)eagle-scout-ceremony (7)eagle-scout-ceremony (6)eagle-scout-ceremony (8)

My baby brother is graduating high school TODAY. As in he’s done with high school FOREVER! As in he’s going to finish COLLEGE. As in IT’S CRAZY TO EVEN TYPE ALL THIS!! But I really couldn’t be more proud of him. He also recently earned his EAGLE!! SO PROUD!! Ethan is quite possibly one of the most loving and kindhearted people I have ever met in my entire life. I hope he never changes. I pretty much adore the ground he walks on and I pretty much love him to pieces. HAPPY GRADUATION, Efan!!! xoxo.