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caitlin + will:

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That last one’s pretty freaking adorable, right?!!! Loooooove it! It’s a little shaky because I think I was laughing and talking (no surprise there). These two precious people are seriously as cute as it gets. Can’t wait for their wedding in just a couple short weeks!!! Yay!

4 Responses to “caitlin + will:”
  1. Caitlin says:

    ANNA! The pictures are amazing! They look beautiful and you really captured some great moments of Will and I! And I adore the action shots at the end! They really look so awesome! Thanks so much! We had a great time. See you at the wedding!

  2. Thom Moore says:

    You guys look great and happy ! Don’t ever let anything mundane get in your way of holding on to what you love about each other. Congrats !!

  3. Justin says:

    Very nice, Anna. Congrats on the last image 🙂

  4. Faisal Shahim says:

    Congratulations Will Wish yo all the best and U both look awesome!

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