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wood family:

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I won’t lie. I still freak out a little when asked to photograph another photographer. It’s just such an honor and a huge compliment that I don’t take lightly. It truly means a lot to me. Elissa is one of my fabulous photographer friends (go “like” her Facebook page!!!) and I was so blessed to get to know her family during this session. Definitely a good time!!

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A little snippet of the story, as told by Laura…

“On June eighth we made it to the courthouse to be married, or as I say ‘getting the paperwork done,’ because our ‘real’ wedding will be held in July. The only person we wanted to be there was our photographer, which incidentally, is my amazing wedding photographer sister, Anna Hedges. Life just works out sometimes, what can I say? I had ordered a beautiful J.Crew dress and Nick wore his Navy ‘peanutbutters’ and we found ourselves standing in front of the Sullivan County Court House. Because I didn’t have Nicks finger size, I did not buy him a ring! Instead we tied our best friends bracelets (that we had worn for years) on each others finger as rings when we said ‘I do.’ No amount of planning could ever prepare someone for that moment when you finally say you will be completely committed to another person, and realize that they are your family, your home.”
Pretty PRECIOUS, right?!? All those letters are the letters they wrote each other while Nick was away at boot camp. so.adorable. This is surely one of my favorite weddings to date, but understandably so. It’s my SISTER!!!!! And I couldn’t be more excited to add another brother to the collection. I completely adore Nick. I just do. He’s perfect for Laura. So, so, soooooo excited to see where God will take them next… together.
With all the love and appreciation in the world, I’m thrilled you two allowed me to share these sweet memories with you and document your day. As cheesey as it sounds, they truly are moments I will treasure forever. xoxoxoxoxo!


extra! extra!:

Hopefully this will be the only post ever without a picture. I really tried to find an image to post just because but nothing seemed to go along with my awesome news today. Are you ready?? I officially have a new OFFICE/MEETING SPACE  as of today!!! Eeeeeeeeekk!! So, really, this isn’t the biggest news ever but it’s kind of exciting to me nonetheless. No more meeting potential clients at Panera (although I do adore Panera’s coffee and will religiously stop by to continue that addiction). I just have to decorate the little space. Seriously. It’s a one room office. It’s small. But it’s mine. And I’m eternally grateful to have this opportunity. When it’s all finished I will be expecting visitors!!!! Yes?? I will even make you cookies and coffee!!! For reals.



Happy First Day of SUMMMMMMER!!!!! It may be hotter than blue blazes, but summer is SO my very favorite season. Sure, Fall and Spring are “prettier” but all the activities of Summer totally trump “pretty.” And let’s just go ahead and say that I think snow is beyond gorgeous but I detest being cold so yeah. If the Winter season was about two weeks long I’d be perfectly fine with that. Just enough time to wear my sweaters and tights and then move right into Spring.

My perfect summer… Camping. Menchies. The ocean. Oh snap! I got it now. Camping near the ocean eating Menchies. PERFECTION.

The above two images sum up my favorites right now. Driving around with Joel in the Jeep with the top down and …wait for it… Menchies. We’ve been there 4 times in the past 6 days. No lie.

So, what are your favorite summer memories/activities/holidays?


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Laugh until we think we’ll die, barefoot on a summer night
never could be sweeter than with you…

(Home – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros)

What an absolute joy to be a part of this wedding at Nesselrod on the New River in Radford, Virginia. I adore Caitlin + Will. I pretty much adore all of their friends and family, too. Okay, I pretty much just love FUN PEOPLE!! And this was a wedding full of fabulously fun people. I mean, come on… you have to be slightly awesome if you wear a Star Wars shirt under your suit on your wedding day.

P.S. The fourth image down? It’s one of my favorites. As Meredith (Caitlin’s sister) was doing her makeup for her, Caitlin teared up and gave her sister this super sweet hug. I about COMPLETELY LOST IT thinking of my own sister’s wedding coming up in July and all the wonderful memories we’ll get to make together. (CAN’T WAIT!!! 23 more days!!!)