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schmid family:

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I just adore this family of four. I’ve had the privilege of photographing them many, many times and watching their precious family grow over the years has been such a treasure. I’m super glad I get to call these sweet people my friends. Christian happens to be a fabulous graphic designer who lives here in Johnson City but I’m sure he could help you with your branding and graphic design needs regardless of your location. He’s on Facebook, too – Core Design Group. Go like his page!!! =)

her band of gold:

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I already liked Ben + Rachel from the first time I met with them, but I instantly loved Rachel even more when I received an email about three months before the wedding that said, “If it rains on our wedding day, can we still take pictures outside in the rain?” Ummm… YES!! To say I got excited would be a major understatement. A bride who wanted to treasure her day for exactly what it was… rain or shine!!! I bought a clear umbrella and packed my Hunter rain boots for their South Carolina wedding just knowing it would rain, but instead we had a gorgeous day full of fluffy clouds and sunshine (can’t complain)! I have such happy memories looking back on this sweet wedding. To have clients who cherish the wonder of the day and who embrace whatever weather may come their way is really an awesome blessing. So grateful.