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beth frazier:

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meet my faaaabulous and GORGEOUS hair stylist!! BETH!! she’s incredible. seriously, friends, i wouldn’t lie to you. this girl knows her stuff. one of the reasons i recommend her so highly is she LOVES her job. and who doesn’t enjoy being around someone who takes pride in what they do? and all you brides (and bridesmaids) out there, beth is crazy amazing at hair styles for your wedding! she did my hair (and makeup) for my sister’s wedding and it was beyond what i could have ever wanted. for real, i have 5 strands of hair on a good day (in other words, it’s super thin) and she made me look like i had a ton of hair! pretty awesome.

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one of my favorite weddings of 2011. wow. can’t say enough about how precious these two people are. i have so much love and respect for them. they have the best kind of friends and family, too.  a whole bunch of genuine and lovely people all in one place. just grand. and can i just go ahead and ask that all my future bride and grooms have a hora loca at their reception? soooooooo much fun. it’s a tradition in ecuador, where the bride’s family is from. seriously. sooooooooooo fun.

super thankful to have the amazingness that is alex bee all day second shooting with me. she rocked it like no bodies business. a whole bunch of those reception pictures are hers as well as a few others posted here. i also got to work with the fabulous beverly jenkins at main street catering. she’s one of my very favorite caterers ever. hands down. hire her. you won’t be sorry. and she did all the flowers for this wedding also. incredible, yes? yes. and i must not forget the friggin awesome dj – craz-e crane. best dj around. period. hire him, too.

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words can’t describe how much i adore my sister, kara. she’s a cat person. she’s flippin hilarious. and she has a heart of gold. this is just a snippet of the fun we had at her surprise 16th birthday lake party. i shot these images on a roll of kodak gold 200 that has to be around 7-10 years old. i found it the other day in my old desk drawer. shot with dad’s nikon n8008 that he gave me when i was 12.