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laura + nicholas: allandale mansion

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MY SISSY GOT MAAAARRRRRIED! okay, okay, so it was like 2 months ago… aaaand i’m just now blogging it. BUT! good news, internet, it also happens to be Laura’s birthday today so it seemed right to blog it today as a surprise (okay, again, it’s almost midnight but technically it’s still her bday).

now, on to the details of the big day. being the matron-of-honor i obviously didn’t take the getting ready pictures/wedding party/family/ceremony/etc. and that’s where my fab friend, Lori, stepped in. her friendship means so very much to me. i really can’t put into words the crazyhugegiant blessing she is to me and was even more so on this particular day. i am ever so grateful to her for so beautifully documenting the parts of Laura + Nick’s wedding that i couldn’t, due to being in the wedding. anyway, these pictures (outside of the ceremony pictures) are my version of the day. and what a beautiful day it was.

side note/worth mentioning:  Demon Waffle played all the music for the ceremony and it was super rad. some seriously awesome guys.

below are a few portraits of dear friends+family that i snagged throughout the evening. these people are killer. blessed to know them.

allandale-mansion-wedding (1)

this post would not be complete without the infamous sibling picture – so here ya go…

allandale-mansion-wedding (11)

Lolly + Nick, i love you to the moon and back. i miss you dearly. and i’m so so proud of you both. xo.

5 Responses to “laura + nicholas: allandale mansion”
  1. Jessica Reagan says:

    You are adorable. As is this posting. What a GORGEOUS wedding. 🙂

  2. Rebekah Carr says:

    This post brought happy tears! *Note to self- Don’t look at Anna’s blog at work : ) It’s absolutely stunning!

  3. Eric McCarty says:

    Awesome! And a red-headed trombone player. It’s like looking in the mirror.

  4. lori says:

    oh my goodness I just saw this.. you are so adorable and so precious to me my friend… i love you dearly and am so glad you asked me to be a part of it! muah!!

  5. Carolynn M Anderson says:

    Thank you, Anna, and Lori, for going above and beyond the call of duty (in this case that saying applies to wedding photographers/sister of the bride also!). You and your work made Laura and Nick’s special day very memorable, both in July and every day after (and they ARE a handsome couple to work with). Love you, Mom/Mrs. A ;D

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