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love love loooooooove this sweeeeeet family. dawn was my camp counselor when i was 8 years old (maybe 9?). who would have ever though i’d grow up and take pictures of her ADORABLE family. just thinking about that makes me so, so happy. blessed beyond words. happy thursday! xo!

chattanooga-family-photographer (5)chattanooga-family-photographer (3)chattanooga-family-photographer (1)chattanooga-family-photographer (2)chattanooga-family-photographer (4)

annnnnnd another lovely family from my weekend in Chattanooga! it’s always extra special for me to photograph sisters because of how special my three sisters are to me. the pictures of us when we were little mean sooo much to us now. and in twenty years they’ll probably mean even more. i can only hope that one day these photographs will mean the world to these two, also. =)

chattanooga-family-photographer (8)chattanooga-family-photographer (6)chattanooga-family-photographer (7)chattanooga-family-photographer (5)chattanooga-family-photographer (1)chattanooga-family-photographer (2)chattanooga-family-photographer (3)chattanooga-family-photographer (4)

seriously??? could these boys be any cuter?? don’t. think. so. =) this was another lovely family i photographed while in chattanooga a couple weeks ago! okay, this must be mentioned… i’m riding in the car with them and guess who i hear singing to me through the speakers? ohhh, you know, just The Smart Brothers! i was slightly extremely excited. this may sound dramatic, but Laney, you earned roughly 23948209348293048 cool points in my book. =)

chattanooga-family-photographer (5)chattanooga-family-photographer (2)chattanooga-family-photographer (6)chattanooga-family-photographer (1)chattanooga-family-photographer (3)chattanooga-family-photographer (4)

this sweet family had me travel to Chattanooga, Tn to photograph them in the city they love and call home. such a fabulous weekend. i also had the privilege of photographing some of their friends while i was in town! if you’re interested in having me travel to your town for a session, drop me a line! i’d love to hear from you!