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see ya soon, mamaw:

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these two pictures make me feel a lot of things. they’re the last two pictures i will ever take of my Mamaw. funny how TomTom knew something was happening. doesn’t that say so much about our God though? even animals like to be comforted and to comfort those they adore. as i sat and held Mamaw’s hand, no words were spoken. nothing was heard except the noisy oxygen machine helping her breathe. periodically, she would squeeze my hand. she didn’t have to tell me she loved me. i knew. i’ve always known.

my Mamaw and Papaw are the textbook definition of supercrazyawesome grandparents. one of the things i’m most grateful for is the predictability, familiarity and security that they provided throughout my life. i knew upon arriving in the driveway of their one level, brick ranch i would be greeted with huge hugs in the breezeway of their home. i knew there would be a clear, glass cookie jar full of double-stuffed Oreos. i knew i would find the same old furniture that they have had since before i was born. don’t get me wrong, i like change. i love fast-paced. but oh the wonderful comfort and stability i have always felt in their home. it was a treasure to walk with Mamaw the last few days of her life here. she passed away in her bedroom at home. peacefully.

as i sit and write this, she’s dancing with Jesus and has a fabulous new body. no more sickness. she’s the happiest she’s ever been. how can i be sad knowing that? sure, i will miss her selfishly. there’s a void in my life as i’ve known it so far. but death is a part of life. it’s really a beautiful thing. as Christians, it’s what we live for – to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord {2 cor. 5:6-8}. oh, the rejoicing!

Gladys O’dell McFadden 12/08/1929 – 12/28/2011


7 Responses to “see ya soon, mamaw:”
  1. Deborah says:


    This is precious. Thank you for sharing such a sweet bit of your life. We rejoice with you that your Mamaw is with Jesus now and is free of pain and sickness.

    Love you!


  2. Meredith Mitchell says:

    I’m so glad you were able to visit with your grandmother during her last days. Your outlook on your life with your grandparents is so beautiful. I’m sorry for your family’s loss but you guys are a band of strong, wonderful people and I know you all will be ok. Love you all.

  3. Wow. Beautiful. I will say the same about my grandparents one day when it comes. I am naming my baby girl after my grandma because she is so beautiful inside and out.

  4. suzanne clemons says:

    this is a beautiful post anna, and i will be praying for you and your family. so sorry for your loss! let me know if you need anything! (ya know, craft party…. shopping trip… fun photo day) 😉

  5. Karen says:

    Anna you are such a beautiful young women I truly CHERISH you and your sisters. You all are smart beautiful and very MATURE.
    I seen that today and OH what a joy it is to know you have CHRIST in ur HEART . Grandma McFadden will always live in my HEART. I love you and stay STRONG……

  6. Carolynn Anderson says:

    Thank you, my sweet Anna, for these soft and true words about Mamaw. I’m glad you got in on so much of Who she and Papaw are, early. She is reflected in you also in many ways. Love you, Mom

    • Carolynn Anderson says:

      Thank you Anna for the personal thoughts of mamaw and pamaw. I thought and prayed God’s comfort during those 2 days for you. Live those thoughts in your life as I know you will. I love you…Aunt Judy

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