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holly + jason: key west elopement

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i truly cannot even begin to describe how precious these two people are to me. when they invited me to celebrate their elopement with them i was pretty much beyond excited. and in Key West? DOUBLE BONUS! Holly happens to be a fabulous photographer also. make sure you check out her work! xo!

2 Responses to “holly + jason: key west elopement”
  1. jessi says:

    I love when people elope:) Such a cute couple and I LOVE her bouquet….what a great idea:)

  2. Jason says:

    Anna, of course, did AMAZING work. But far beyond her work as a photographer, she was a tremendously fun traveler and such a genuine friend to both of us. When Holly and I originally talked about eloping, I said, “Well, it will probably be hard for a wedding photographer to find a wedding photographer to photograph her wedding!” The instant we sat down together and looked through Anna’s portfolio, we both knew that she was IT. I reached out to Anna via e-mail and our communication from the very start reassured both of us that we could not have asked for a better person – both professionally and personally – to invite with us on our special day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Anna.

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