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sarah + garrett: ijams nature center wedding

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oh my heavenly days. i L-O-V-E this couple so bad. Sarah was one of the most relaxed and sweet brides to ever walk planet Earth. i’m pretty sure. no. really. she even styled her own hair and it looked absolutely fantastic. an 80% chance of rain showers threatened us all day but it sprinkled for just a minute then was clear after that. the always fabulous and talented Lori second shot for me and a couple of her awesome pictures are featured in this post! such an incredible day. loved every minute. xo!

2 Responses to “sarah + garrett: ijams nature center wedding”
  1. Sarah sharp says:

    Anna! I love them! I can’t wait to show them all to everyone. You did an absolutely most wonderful job! I could not have asked for a better capture of my day! Love you dearly!

  2. alexbee says:

    I love Ijams so much. This is just AWESOME!! Their dance is so sweet!

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