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anna + seth: backyard wedding

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the bride’s name is Anna. pretty great, right??! hehe. i absolutely loved hanging out with Anna + Seth on their most wonderful wedding day. totally honored and grateful they invited me to share it with them. and as always, soooo lovely to work alongside Main Street Catering, Aunt Willie’s Wildflowers and Positive Approach!! xo!


6 Responses to “anna + seth: backyard wedding”
  1. Teri Salvino says:

    GORGEOUS Anna!!!!! As always!!!! :o)

  2. Lynice Broyles says:

    Beautiful and special couple. Wishing the best of everything for you as you start a new life together.

  3. Emily says:

    Were her shoes Manolo’s, because they look identical to the pair Carrie wore in Sex and the City!!!

  4. Erin Johnson says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job Anna!

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