Robe De Mariée festklänningar Balklänning Robe De Mariée Robe De Mariée Balklänning

i dare you to even try to convince me that this is not the most gorgeous thing…..ever?? i had no idea that i’d be so lucky to see these beautiful rings in Edinburgh last month, but to my delight we passed it multiple times a day. and HELLLOOOO the Edinburgh Castle is in the background.

anyone else been glued to the tv these past couple days? i think i’m most excited to see if Misty and Kerri can keep up their record of ohhhhhh BEING UNDEFEATED IN THE OLYMPICS (as in, no one has ever beat them. not even in a single set) in women’s beach volleyball. i want them to get a third gold so bad i could cry. in fact, if they win gold, i probably will cry.

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as if this post isn’t long enough already, i could literally sit and write how much i adore Lauren + Jake (and their friends and family) for the next ten years. seriously.precious.people. but i think my very favorite aspect of their day was that it perfectly reflected them in every way. Lauren is in vet school and i thought having all the animals around Fender’s Farm for their wedding was simply perfection. and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, they also had s’mores and games for their guests to enjoy. rules. i also must give lots of love to Main Street Cafe & Catering for the magic they created. incredibly gorgeous, right? my heart is overflowing with gratefulness. Lauren & Jake, you guys have blessed me far more than you know. thank you. xo!

i was completely honored and thrilled to have this wedding featured on Southern Weddings blog if you’d like to check it out!

rockett family:

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can you say, BEST BIG SISTER EVER??? oh my goodness. just look how proud she is of her new sister? adorable. i love x10000 this family. xo!

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this darling family means so much to me. seriously. i love them to pieces. they’re some of the most loyal clients a girl could ever ask for. (i hope you guys know how much you mean to me!!) i can’t explain how much joy it has brought me to watch your sweet family grow over the years. thank you for gifting me that opportunity once again. xo!

Bruden bar en klänning fåll drog till kyrkan var ursprungligen en brudklänning.Brudklänningar 2016 Chiffong textur bröstet dekoration, är design mer subtil.

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these photographs, this family, make my heart burst into a bajillion pieces! i adooooore the Shea’s. they seriously know how to have fun with their kids and it’s a joy to observe and share in their love for each other. all the giggles and smiles – can’t handle the cuteness!! i mean how precious is the shadow creature and that little skinned up knee of Liam’s? real life makes me happy. SO blessed to know this family. xo!