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lauren + jake: fender’s farm wedding

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as if this post isn’t long enough already, i could literally sit and write how much i adore Lauren + Jake (and their friends and family) for the next ten years. seriously.precious.people. but i think my very favorite aspect of their day was that it perfectly reflected them in every way. Lauren is in vet school and i thought having all the animals around Fender’s Farm for their wedding was simply perfection. and as if that wasn’t awesome enough, they also had s’mores and games for their guests to enjoy. rules. i also must give lots of love to Main Street Cafe & Catering for the magic they created. incredibly gorgeous, right? my heart is overflowing with gratefulness. Lauren & Jake, you guys have blessed me far more than you know. thank you. xo!

i was completely honored and thrilled to have this wedding featured on Southern Weddings blog if you’d like to check it out!

6 Responses to “lauren + jake: fender’s farm wedding”
  1. Kayla F says:

    Absolutely beautiful Anna!!! And they feel of this wedding is so incredibly loving and you really feel like you know the couple! You captured the day perfectly! (And Lauren is absolutely stunning!!!) Such a beautiful wedding!!

  2. Katie Snyder says:

    Now that looks like a FUN wedding! (The way it should be.) Great job as always, friend!

  3. Kayla Brooks says:

    Um wow I would have killed to shoot this wedding! It looks awesome
    And like so much fun! I didnt even know you could get married at Fenders Farm! I am so jealous! Amazing photos Anna!

  4. Zanna Blankenbeckler says:

    Gorgeous wedding and a beautiful couple! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Beverly says:

    Anna, Anna, Anna!

    you captured their love so perfectly, the venue, the perfectness of the day. We catered Lauren’s moms wedding last September and were so lucky and blessed to cater this one and to also do the flowers. Thank you for amazing pictures for us to use in our ad’s and on our web site!! xoxo Beverly, Breelyn and the Main Street Crew

  6. Josh says:

    simply put, Beautiful!

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