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styled elopement: south holston lake

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if i could photograph elopements every single day of my life, i’d probably be the happiest girl on planet Earth. haha. of course, i love weddings, big and small, but there’s something uniquely special about an elopement. a few months ago, the amazing Brenna Reppert (with Thistle and Lace Events) and i brainstormed a Labor Day/End of Summer themed elopement and these pictures are the result – lovelovelove! Brenna and her husband are actually the B&G models here (adorable, aren’t they?) and a giant thank you goes out to the other fine folks who modeled for us also! such a fun day! xo!

2 Responses to “styled elopement: south holston lake”
  1. Eric McCarty says:

    you rock, anna hedges. i will one day look back on my career and likely lament the fact that i never did an elopement. and i wouldn’t have done it as well as you.

  2. Kayla F says:

    Can you say the cutest styled shoot ever?!? I just LOVE how real it feels and the photos are beautiful! That evening light is just to die for! 😀

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