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It’s obvious I adore my sister + Nick’s elopement pictures but having them featured on the lovely Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog was just icing on the cake! So, so honored! Check it out, if you haven’t! Happy Thursday!!!

extra! extra!:

Hopefully this will be the only post ever without a picture. I really tried to find an image to post just because but nothing seemed to go along with my awesome news today. Are you ready?? I officially have a new OFFICE/MEETING SPACE  as of today!!! Eeeeeeeeekk!! So, really, this isn’t the biggest news ever but it’s kind of exciting to me nonetheless. No more meeting potential clients at Panera (although I do adore Panera’s coffee and will religiously stop by to continue that addiction). I just have to decorate the little space. Seriously. It’s a one room office. It’s small. But it’s mine. And I’m eternally grateful to have this opportunity. When it’s all finished I will be expecting visitors!!!! Yes?? I will even make you cookies and coffee!!! For reals.