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i traveled to West Virginia a couple weeks ago to photograph David + Amanda’s wedding at Lambert’s Winery! i just got back the scans of the film i’ve been shooting recently on my Holga. this particular image is definitely a favorite. more to come soon! xo!


the more i use my little Holga, the more i enjoy it. the process of making pictures with it is just super fun. there’s few options when operating it so it forces me not to over think things. i had an engagement session to photograph in St. Augustine, Florida (those shall be posted sooooon!) and it was my sister Kara’s spring break, so we did some adventuring and exploring. i was dyyyyyying to go to a You Pick citrus grove while we were in Florida and sure enough we found an amazingly magical one about an hour from St. Augustine. it was an incredible sunny, 70 degree day. the whole experience was everything i had hoped for. truly. we had grapefruits, juicing oranges, white tangelos and tangerines for days! incredible. and delicious. xo!

holga 120n + hp5


i recently sent off a few rolls of film to be developed that had been sitting around in my office for a while. luckily, i got these shots back and i’m a huuuuuuuuge fan. Ilford Delta 100 and the Fuji GA645 is a winning combo. my pal Garret Whittington is one super talented actor and i was thrilled to take some head shots for him. these are more of the out take version but gah, i love them! so much fun!! time to shoot and blog more film! xo!

fuji-ga645 (4)fuji-ga645 (3)

there was a wedding at Edinburgh Castle while we were there…… in typical creeper fashion i took a picture.

fuji-ga645 (2)fuji-ga645 (1)

loved the way these b&w’s turned out. they really help portray the beautifully dreary and damp weather of Edinburgh. ECM is where we worked while in Scotland and we frequented Wellington Coffee multiple times, as well. of all the coffee stops we made, this darling place was by far the most fabulous. (the next few shots are kodak portra 160).

fuji-ga645-portra-160 (1)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (6)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (5)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (8)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (2)

all in all, this little medium format film camera is supa fun and really easy to use. loved the shot above from Bath, England. charming little town. and Stonehenge?? a dream.come.true.

fuji-ga645-portra-160 (3)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (7)fuji-ga645-portra-160 (4)

kara-anderson-birthday (7)kara-anderson-birthday (8)kara-anderson-birthday (1)kara-anderson-birthday (2)kara-anderson-birthday (3)kara-anderson-birthday (4)kara-anderson-birthday (10)kara-anderson-birthday (9)kara-anderson-birthday (11)kara-anderson-birthday (5)kara-anderson-birthday (6)

words can’t describe how much i adore my sister, kara. she’s a cat person. she’s flippin hilarious. and she has a heart of gold. this is just a snippet of the fun we had at her surprise 16th birthday lake party. i shot these images on a roll of kodak gold 200 that has to be around 7-10 years old. i found it the other day in my old desk drawer. shot with dad’s nikon n8008 that he gave me when i was 12.