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MY SISSY GOT MAAAARRRRRIED! okay, okay, so it was like 2 months ago… aaaand i’m just now blogging it. BUT! good news, internet, it also happens to be Laura’s birthday today so it seemed right to blog it today as a surprise (okay, again, it’s almost midnight but technically it’s still her bday).

now, on to the details of the big day. being the matron-of-honor i obviously didn’t take the getting ready pictures/wedding party/family/ceremony/etc. and that’s where my fab friend, Lori, stepped in. her friendship means so very much to me. i really can’t put into words the crazyhugegiant blessing she is to me and was even more so on this particular day. i am ever so grateful to her for so beautifully documenting the parts of Laura + Nick’s wedding that i couldn’t, due to being in the wedding. anyway, these pictures (outside of the ceremony pictures) are my version of the day. and what a beautiful day it was.

side note/worth mentioning:  Demon Waffle played all the music for the ceremony and it was super rad. some seriously awesome guys.

below are a few portraits of dear friends+family that i snagged throughout the evening. these people are killer. blessed to know them.

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this post would not be complete without the infamous sibling picture – so here ya go…

allandale-mansion-wedding (11)

Lolly + Nick, i love you to the moon and back. i miss you dearly. and i’m so so proud of you both. xo.


heading towards D.C. to visit and check out their new place. yay! hopefully i’ll stay the night as long as irene doesn’t kick me out.

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It’s obvious I adore my sister + Nick’s elopement pictures but having them featured on the lovely Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog was just icing on the cake! So, so honored! Check it out, if you haven’t! Happy Thursday!!!

6 siblings:


You guessed it!! Laura & Nick are all married!! Friday, July 8, 2011 was just an incredible day! I have SO much to write about their wedding. do I ever have a TON to write. I also have a few other weddings and engagements to post! So look for some serious goodness to hit this blog SOON! But for now, I wanted to share this picture of me and my six siblings (in order by age) because when I saw it I about burst into the worst ugly-cry session known to man. It’s a very special picture to me.

It’s so incredible to watch friends and family rally around in times of need. Makes me feel incredibly blessed and ridiculously undeserving. I don’t know if it’s a “Southern” wedding thing or what, but I’ve noticed that at a lot of weddings I photograph (most of which are in the South) it never fails that there’s a bunch of family and friends helping with each wedding. I love this! As I’m photographing the details of the wedding day prior to the ceremony I often see friends and family running around doing anything and everything to make sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. I often overhear these same lovely people talk about how they remember when the bride or groom were younger and how they can’t believe they’re old enough to get married now. I won’t lie. It melts my heart.

Only one day until my sister marries her Navy boy and moves to Washington, D.C. Can’t hardly believe the day is already here. All the friends and family coming into town! Gonna be a fun time! As I was sending emails to people like crazy a couple days ago making sure everyone knew the time line and when to be where, I started feeling ridiculously blessed by all the people involved in making this wedding a success. One of my favorite friends who also happens to be a crazy, awesome photographer is coming in town to help me photograph Laura’s wedding so that I can still be a Matron of Honor and stand next to my seester during the ceremony. This means the world to me. It really leaves me speechless when I think of the generosity of those who are giving of their time and talents to make this wedding happen. I’m truly grateful beyond words.

Did I mention THE WEDDING is TOMORROW???!!!