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A little snippet of the story, as told by Laura…

“On June eighth we made it to the courthouse to be married, or as I say ‘getting the paperwork done,’ because our ‘real’ wedding will be held in July. The only person we wanted to be there was our photographer, which incidentally, is my amazing wedding photographer sister, Anna Hedges. Life just works out sometimes, what can I say? I had ordered a beautiful J.Crew dress and Nick wore his Navy ‘peanutbutters’ and we found ourselves standing in front of the Sullivan County Court House. Because I didn’t have Nicks finger size, I did not buy him a ring! Instead we tied our best friends bracelets (that we had worn for years) on each others finger as rings when we said ‘I do.’ No amount of planning could ever prepare someone for that moment when you finally say you will be completely committed to another person, and realize that they are your family, your home.”
Pretty PRECIOUS, right?!? All those letters are the letters they wrote each other while Nick was away at boot camp. so.adorable. This is surely one of my favorite weddings to date, but understandably so. It’s my SISTER!!!!! And I couldn’t be more excited to add another brother to the collection. I completely adore Nick. I just do. He’s perfect for Laura. So, so, soooooo excited to see where God will take them next… together.
With all the love and appreciation in the world, I’m thrilled you two allowed me to share these sweet memories with you and document your day. As cheesey as it sounds, they truly are moments I will treasure forever. xoxoxoxoxo!


little-black-dress-bridal-shower (1)little-black-dress-bridal-shower (2)little-black-dress-bridal-shower (3)

Laura’s Little Black Dress themed Bridal Shower!! Let’s be honest. Cake, LBDs and fabulous friends… how could an afternoon be better?

neutral-wedding-colors (1)

Since Laura chose a white dress, cool neutrals were the way to go. I had to kiss my dream of yellow Christian Louboutin heels goodbye but believe it or not I’m okay with this because he makes silver sparkly ones, too. I’ll be getting those. Right after I sell my house and car and first born child. As for bridesmaid dresses, Laura and I both adore J.CREW so naturally it was the first place we went looking. What’s that? A number of different gray/neutral shades on clearance? Caaaaan do! We were throwing dresses up on my Pinterest left and right while frantically calling all the girls, “Listen you HAVE to buy this dress RIGHT.NOW. before it gets sold out!” I can proudly say we were successful and we have a lovely mix of cool neutral colored dresses in different styles. Saweeeet. Done.

Money $aving Tip: Laura and I are HUUUUUGE clearance sale (and thrift store) shoppers. If you’re not super particular about an exact shade/color you can find incredible bargains on dresses for your bridesmaids at places like J.CREW (my fave!!!), anthropologie, Ann Taylor or ModCloth. Best part? Since you saved so much money on your dress you can spend more on SHOES! Here’s an example of this awesome kind of math: I got a $225 J.CREW dress for $41.99 which means I get $183.01 extra for shoes. tahdah!

P.S. I got these color swatches off For real. Their wedding section is truly divine.

laura-nickOne of the things you’ll soon figure out is I have five siblings (yup…there’s six of us). We’re all pretty much two years a part in age and we’re all pretty much awesome. My sister closest to me in age is Laura. We shared a room for 18 years. We’re kinda polar opposites in personality but the older we get the more we seem to morph into each other. Don’t worry, we think it’s freaky, too. I adore her. I would do anything for her. And there’s probably no one (outside of Joel – my hottt hubby) who knows me better.

So, Laura’s getting married this summer to a pretty fantastic boy named Nick (they’re in the picture above). But since Nick is living in Washington, D.C. my sister commissioned me to be her wedding planning slave side-kick. The next few months are sure to be full of laughing and crafting. Two of our favorite things! I hope to post all the DIY projects we attempt and any other things we find that might be useful to other brides. I hope these posts don’t get extremely boring. My main motivation for blogging our adventures is so we will remember it 40 years from now. It’s gonna be too good to forget.

I asked my sis to introduce herself to all of you lovely blog readers.  (hi, mom!)


Hello friends!

My name is Laura Lee, one of Anna’s three sisters, (as if I needed to tell you. haha!). My life changed when I discovered art was a formidable field to study and when a curly-haired boy named Nicholas Holmes walked into our brick house. My favorite things stem from God’s generosity-the feeling of being loved, individual gifts in people, as well as identifying what sets them apart. Other things include the color (or non color) black, styling clothes, textures, music and electric blankets.

I cannot yet wrap my head around the fact that I will become a Mrs. in a few months, I never thought my little sister’s drum teacher would become the  man of my heart.

Nicholas and I have shared a few years now of wonderful memories filled with making that last gallon of gasoline last the twenty extra minutes to the others’ house to sharing a banquet of Bojangles after a long day of school. Besides teaching drums and his real passion, studying the guitar, Nick joined the Navy and was sent off to boot camp where he graduated on March 11 – the day he asked for my hand.

And now here we are, planning for our day together, excited for what is to come. With mine and my sister’s perceptive eyes and inherently creative brains we might be able to pull this day off as it will be one of the most beautiful moments of our lives.

Thank you for looking in and being a part of it.

Laura Lee


So what’s a girl to do when she get’s engaged? Find a dress, of course! Here’s a few photographs from our day at the bridal shop. By the look on Nick’s mom’s face, I’d say THE DRESS looks okay.

finding-a-wedding-dress (4)finding-a-wedding-dress (5)finding-a-wedding-dress (3)finding-a-wedding-dress (2)finding-a-wedding-dress (1)

Bless your heart if you actually read all of that. Wow.