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i shot their sweet wedding last summer and now this year they’re having a BABY GIRL!!!! yes. i’m a little excited about this. =) couldn’t be happier for you guys. you’re going to be marvelous parents. xo!

schmid family:

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I just adore this family of four. I’ve had the privilege of photographing them many, many times and watching their precious family grow over the years has been such a treasure. I’m super glad I get to call these sweet people my friends. Christian happens to be a fabulous graphic designer who lives here in Johnson City but I’m sure he could help you with your branding and graphic design needs regardless of your location. He’s on Facebook, too – Core Design Group. Go like his page!!! =)

alyssa + sam:

Nichols Maternity (6)Nichols Maternity (5)Nichols Maternity (4)Nichols Maternity (3)Nichols Maternity (2)Nichols Maternity (1)

owl-baby-shower (13)owl-baby-shower (12)owl-baby-shower (11)owl-baby-shower (10)owl-baby-shower (9)owl-baby-shower (8)owl-baby-shower (7)owl-baby-shower (6)owl-baby-shower (5)owl-baby-shower (4)owl-baby-shower (3)owl-baby-shower (2)owl-baby-shower (1) I was in charge of decorations for one of my friend’s baby showers not too long ago and since they were doing the new baby’s room in owls, I thought it fitting to add a few owl figurines. The huge majority of these details came from thrift stores and yard sales. This probably surprises no one that knows me. What can I say? I think everything turned out quite snazzy. And HUUUUGE compliments to my friend Stephanie for the killer owl cookies. Awesome, right?