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how about these two for an, oh i donno, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS couple?? am i right? yes, i’m right. and sweeter people you will not find. =) a couple weeks ago the amazing folks with (Jon Phelps/David Gwaltney and Ryan Verhegge, too!) recorded me talking and making pictures for an upcoming promo video they’re creating for me. (who happens to be a fantastic photographer herself) & Christopher were kind enough to be my models for the evening. words cannot describe my gratitude. the ultra fab worked magic and did an incredible job on my makeup and jazzing up my hair for the shoot. one of the best MUA ever. check her out. i basically blame my new found love affair with false eyelashes on her. OBSESSED.

this whole adventure filled my heart with such love. what a joy to experience life and share the day with these creative, generous and beautiful souls.

here are a couple behind the scenes photos for your viewing pleasure. can’t wait to share the final product with you guys!! xo!

Grön utsökta broderier brudtärna klänning har blivit ett bröllop göra färskt och vackert landskap, i detaljerna belyser designerns superb teknik. Den övre halvan är personlig design,


stonehenge (1)

this. place. it’s pure magic. a childhood dream came true the moment i saw it in real life. still inspired by the beauty and mystery. xo.

kara: senior 2013

is she not the most beautiful and awesome 17 year old you’ve ever seen??? okay, okay. she’s one of my baby sisters. it’s my job (that i take very seriously) to go on and on about how she’s one of the best things ever. it’s totally in the How to be a Psycho Older Sister handbook, ya know. haha. in all honesty, i DO think she’s pretty. dang. awesome. she graduates high school next month and then ventures on to Columbia College. she kinda got this little thing called Tons of Scholarship Dollars for being a volleyball rockstar. pretty incredible. she’d never brag about that, but again, i’m the Psycho Older Sister. and this is my blog. so i can be mushy and brag a lot. haha. i love her. i adore her. i don’t even have the words to accurately describe how proud i am of the precious human being she has become. xo.

this mountain:

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crazysupertalented friends who performed a fantastic show for the fine folks at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion last month! please check out this mountain. truly great stuff. if you’re lucky enough to be local to the East Tennessee region, they have a couple shows coming up! go see them!! Acoustic Coffeehouse – Oct 19, Milligan College – Oct 27 and Machiavelli’s – Nov 9. enjoy! xo!

annabelle’s curse:

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i have some pretty great friends in a pretty great band. if you’ve never heard Annabelle’s Curse, please go check them out now…right now! and go see them live at Machiavelli’s in downtown Bristol on Nov 16! i snapped these few pictures at Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion last month. just wanted to share! xo!