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fifteen: summer

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as a reminder to pause and take notice, a couple of my pals (Lindsey Miller and Katie Snyder) and i have begun a little personal project. we’ve kept the guidelines loose: fifteen photographs of each season.


this is my collection of  s u m m e r.


two of my sisters (seen above) and i have made a habit out of taking a trip each summer. our latest adventure took us to Hunting Island State Park where we filled our days with laughter and salt water and uke tunes and sleeping beneath a blanket of stars. i’m proud of the story these photographs tell. and grateful for sisters who share the warmth of simple joys.   //  Olympus Stylus, Kodak 400 35mm.


christa: on film


adventures on the ocean floor. chasing ghost crabs. collecting shells. discovering creatures of the sea. Nags Head holds an abundant amount of beautiful memories. these photographs were shot on my first camera – a 35mm Nikon N8008, 50mm 1.8. i developed quite a bit of old film recently and one of the rolls was dedicated to my baby sister, CJ. these are my favorite frames from that particular set. she was probably around seven years old here. she turns sixteen this year. these pictures were made way before i ever imagined i’d live a life of shooting photographs for people near and far. what an incredible journey. my heart is so, so full. xo!


the more i use my little Holga, the more i enjoy it. the process of making pictures with it is just super fun. there’s few options when operating it so it forces me not to over think things. i had an engagement session to photograph in St. Augustine, Florida (those shall be posted sooooon!) and it was my sister Kara’s spring break, so we did some adventuring and exploring. i was dyyyyyying to go to a You Pick citrus grove while we were in Florida and sure enough we found an amazingly magical one about an hour from St. Augustine. it was an incredible sunny, 70 degree day. the whole experience was everything i had hoped for. truly. we had grapefruits, juicing oranges, white tangelos and tangerines for days! incredible. and delicious. xo!

holga 120n + hp5




stonehenge (1)

this. place. it’s pure magic. a childhood dream came true the moment i saw it in real life. still inspired by the beauty and mystery. xo.